Frequently Asked Questions

How does the healthcare sector impact Utah's economy?

Utah's hospitals employ more that 47,000 Utahns--always among the top employers in each community. In addition, the 12 health systems that operate hospitals here employ thousands more in affiliated nursing homes, home health agencies and clinics. (Source: Hospital Statistics, 2018 edition, Health Forum, LLC)

How many patients are served by Utah hospitals?

Utah hospitals report more than 8.4 million outpatient visits and more than 239,000 inpatient admissions annually. Additionally, Utah hospitals record nearly 49,000 births annually. (Source: Hospital Statistics, 2018 edition, Health Forum, LLC)

How healthy are Utahns?

Utah ranks as America's fifth healthiest state and leads the nation in lowest rate of cancer cases and lowest number of adults with diabetes. Utah also ranked best in the nation overall for behavioral factors related to health including smoking and excessive drinking. (Source: America's Health Rankings, United Health Foundation, 2018 edition.)