Utah Hospital Association and the 2013 Utah Legislative Session

14 January 2013

The 2013 Utah legislative session begins in just one week, and Utah Hospital Association will have a strong presence on Capitol Hill to represent our members and advocate for smart healthcare policy decisions on behalf of all Utahns.

As we know, healthcare reform is a hot topic in Utah and throughout the United States. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is in full force, and policy makers, healthcare providers, hospitals, insurers and many more stakeholders are watching with interest the impact of the Affordable Care Act and many other issues.

Utah Hospital Association will continue to be actively involved in the discussion. As a Board, we have outlined the following key priority areas for the upcoming 45 days:

  1. Extension of the Hospital Assessment Act
  2. Appropriate funding for the Medicaid waiver and for Utah’s hospitals
  3. Measured, gradual Medicaid expansion
  4. Expansion of class sizes at the University of Utah School of Medicine
  5. Opposition to Any Willing Provider legislation

Smart decisions on each of these issues will allow Utah to maintain its enviable position of offering the highest quality healthcare at the lowest cost in the nation. Utah Hospital Association is also dedicated to making sure that all Utahns have access to quality healthcare, and a number of the issues listed above will impact that access.

I will delve deeper into many of these issues in upcoming posts on this blog, and look forward to your thoughts and comments about these and other relevant issues that arise during the legislative session.

By Rod Betit